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Abstract: Humanity has reached a critical time for decision-making as ecosystem tipping points approach that will determine the future livability of planet Earth. American corporations are major contributors to the climate crisis, driving high rates of emissions and pursuing unsustainable growth for capital gains, rather than working towards a life-centered economy that prioritizes the health of all people and the planet. This thesis addresses the need for emerging corporate leaders who value sustainability, to act in alignment with those beliefs when it comes to taking action in the corporate sector. Using design for behavior change, this thesis developed a training program built around an in-person retreat. The material covered uses the combined disciplines of sustainability, design, and mindfulness to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to have the capabilities to act in their respective workplaces in accordance with their sustainability values, especially as new opportunities arise when they step into more powerful leadership positions within their corporations. Supported by a new network of like-minded change-makers, participants of the program have the potential to steer the American economy toward a life-centered future and inspire greater global action to follow suit.

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