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Design Brief: in 10 weeks, 15 students will use $2000 and their individual strengths to collectively design and produce everything for a 50 person feast from the objects to the experience itself


Solution: a locally sourced seasonal take on a family style dim sum feast comprised of wabi-sabi inspired pieces that went home with the guests at the end of the night



Read more about the class in the A&AA Newsletter


  • common themes of traditional feasts around the world

  • patterns of movement and behavior we observed by hosting our own dinner parties

  • potential design aesthetics

  • form studies 


  • glass/ceramics

  • furniture 

  • lighting

  • textiles/utensils/floral arrangements



As the only person with glass experience, I took the lead on creating our wine glasses and water carafes. I designed the shapes, hand carved the molds, and assisted in the production process along side professional glassblowers Tim Jarvis and Bob Green.





One of the keys to making the Feast for Fifty possible was the teamwork involved in designing and producing every piece. While my main focus was glass, I also designed sauce pitchers, helped make plates, trim tea cups, assemble chairs, carve joinery for the tables, hammer rivets in the utensils, and arrange center pieces among other jobs.

Collaborators: Cara Murray, Mary Dunford, Max Friday, Amanda Kibbel, Izzy McDowall, Zach Meyers, Heather Higgins, Sarah Hashiguchi, Natalie Thomas, Megan Engel, Taro Unterberger, Sara Murillo, Warren Mead, Gordon Fleenor, and Tom Bonamici

All the photos of the full Feast table and the photos in the second mosaic were taken by Amanda Kibbel

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